Community Guidelines

    • Community Guidelines

      Community Guidelines

      TO DO:
      • Respect each other. Remember that every player should have the same chance to play that you have. Behave in a polite manner and do not prevent others from using the game's functions/interface (i.e. NPC talks).
      • Please don't abuse our platforms. We are a community made up of many types of people, who all have the right to feel safe and comfortable when using the communication channels. Be polite and respectful - we trust you to be responsible and expect everyone in the community to respect that trust.
      • You are PRO? Help other users if they ask for assistance. Share your expert knowledge! .

      • Respect other people's privacy.

      • When playing in a group, participate and contribute to the team!

      • If you see someone saying something that makes you feel uncomfortable, try to ignore them and do not start an argument!

      • [b]The team is there to support you during the game. Please respond to them at all times: help them to help you. Remember, you can always report bad behaviour to the team.
        Follow the instructions detailed here about taking screenshots. A screenshot that follows the guidelines will help us to provide you with better support. if you need to ask for support with account/item theft, please remember that we can only support you if you report the problem immediately.
        • Keep in mind the Golden Rule - always treat others like you would like to be treated.

        NOT TO DO:

        • Don't look for ways to break the Community Guidelines and the T&Cs. If you see someone doing so, report them.
        • Don't use your creativity to say things you shouldn't say. there are chat filters for a reason and if you have to spend minutes trying to work around them, you probably shouldn't be trying.
        • Don't post commercial messages. Do not promote commercial activities, including related links.

        • Don't post pornographic or sexually explicit material, the Metin2 community is not the right place for such content. Don't break the law. Make sure you comply with all applicable rules and laws. Do not promote information that you know or think is false, misleading or that could be criminal or illegal.
        • Do not try to impersonate other people, including but not limited to employees, representatives or hosts of Metin2 and the MidNight Networks Group.
        • Don't be a bully. Not only is it a mean thing to do, but it will likely get you banned from the game.

        The Metin2 team reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate action against anyone who is in breach of these Community Guidelines, including punishments such as temporary or permanent blocking of access to the Metin2MidNight.