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The new Metin2Midnight Update!

written by [BA]World at Sunday, January 15th 2017, 11:30pm

Hello Metin2Midnight community!

The last few weeks it has been quiet along our M2M server updates, but no worries, we are back at it again with new Updates+Features!
I'm speaking for the whole Staff team when i say that we are very excited to show everything that we've been working on.

Let's start with a small list providing some of the new Features that are on their way!

Metin2Midnight Introces

The Offline Shop system!

The Never Seen Before Pets!

A whole new Switchbot!

Stunning New All-in-one Status interface!

Pets! Pets! Pets! LVL Menu!

Easy controlable Offline shops!

And for now as last but not least
Moving 3 dimentional Weapons!

But thats not all! Even more will be experienced in the new Update!

-LVL 180 Increase
-Acce(Sash) system
-New Pet system: now you can summon both pvm and pvp Pet at same time
-Costumes Tradeable and Permanent +3 Extra Bonuses
-SwitchBot 7 Slots
-Ice run ( rework)
-Purgatory Run ( rework )
-Item rain event ( drop directly in inventory )
-Duel effect
-Offline shop with special design
-Map lvl 175-180
-New Npcs
-New Enviroment, textures , armors , weapons , mounts , ( HD Resolution )
-Set Armors Removed
-New Mounts
-New Interface
-Costumes Bonuse Add/Change
-Tradable EXP
-Auto OX Event
-Auto Boss Events and others
-New Items to increase both PVM and PVP Experience
-New Weapons SET 180 LVL
-More slots into Inventory/Shop
-Other small features to improve gameplay

All of this can soon be found in the next whole new Metin2!

DownTime M2M + Forum

written by [BA]World at Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 10:54am

Hello Community,

Yesterday we had a downtime of 9 hours due hardware problems.
We announced it on our FaceBook, but we just wanted to let everyone know that it has been fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards, M2M Staff.

Midnight -Server Pvp/Legendary system/tournament

written by [SA]Mephisto at Thursday, February 25th 2016, 10:31pm

Hello everyone,
We of the Metin2.co.za team are pleased to announce a new pvp system/tournament!

The old pvp system will be seperated into 4 divisions:

  • Legendary: 175's only
  • Gold : 151-174's
  • Silver: 91 -150's
  • Bronze: 33 - 90

Rules/Statistics for Gold , Silver, Bronze:

The Tournament consists of 2 rounds per duel, if competitors are tied then 3rd round commences to determine the winner.
The Semifinalists recieve:
-Bronze - 750 Coins
-Silver -1000 Coins
-Gold - 1500 Coins

The Finalists receive:
-Bronze -1500 Coins
-Silver -2000 Coins
-Gold -3000 Coins

The Champion recieves:
-Bronze Champion - Bronze Certificate [50% Drop / 50% EXP("20 Hours Play TIME use")], 2000 Coins.
-Silver Champion - Silver Certificate [75% Drop / 75% EXP("20 Hours Play TIME use")], 2500 Coins.
-Gold Champion - Gold Certificate [100% Drop / 100% EXP("20 Hours Play TIME use")], 3000 Coins.

The Event is Hosted each Sunday.

Rules/Statistics for Legendary Rank:

1: The winner of the fight will recieve 3 points, while the loser gains 1.
2: If someone decides to decline a challenge then there will be no points gained at all for anyone. But he/she will lose the right to challenge back during that day session.
3: The month's TOP 3 of the Legendary category will get a big reward (*).
4: Cost to Challenge another PARTICIPANT is(**): 100 Coins.
5: Challenging the KING/QUEEN costs 500 coins, when you win you gain 5 points. However, if you lose you get 0 points.
6: You can only challenge the same person once, however they can always challenge you back,
trying to mislead us by using multiple characters will end up with loss of all points gained. (SA/CoMa) will have to check regularly.
7: Fake or arranged combats for point winning will be punished with removing the right to participate again for both involved sides.
8: The hoster's decision is final, trying to fight with him/her during the event will end up in the person being excluded from this event. If
...[Read on]

Desert Hunter Outfit

written by [BA]Woreld at Wednesday, February 24th 2016, 6:49pm

A bug has been found that causes people to lose their Desert Outfit when putting it in their Storage.

Be carefull!!!

place your desert outfit in your Storage anymore till we announce that it has been fixed!

Kind regards, [BA]Woreld

Events List and Description [MidNight Server]

written by HellBoy at Sunday, December 20th 2015, 6:36pm

Bahamut Spawn
After the big Bahamut Dragon has been spawned for each Kingdom, his location will be announced in Shout and Kingdom which manage to kill him first will receive an extra Hunter Hour.
Winning Kingdom: 3x Hunter Hour
Losing Kingdom: 2x Hunter Hour
Map: Random
Rules: If a player starts to hit Bahamut before it is announced, that players Kingdom will be disqualified from Event.

Mining Event
Different kind of Ores will be spawned in a given Map and players will have opportunity to get Ores which they need. Event will last 1 or 2 hours.
Ores (Titan Tears, EXP Fragment P, EXP Fragment S)
Map: Random

Clown Event
Players need to chase and kill the Clown (Staff Member character). Players Kingdom whos hit was last will receive an extra Hunter Hour.
Winning Kingdom: 3x Hunter Hour
Losing Kingdom: 2x Hunter Hour
Map: Events Map

Fishing Event
When Event is active, players can exchange 5x Fishbones for 100 Coins or 30x Dead Fishes of any kind for Fishing Pole +19 by giving it to Staff member.
100 Coins (for 5x Fishbones)
Fishing Pole +19 (for 30x Dead Fishes)

Gold Fever
Kill Meee will begin to spawn and run all over the Map. They run constantly so players need to be quick to get them. To get reward, it is neccessary to kill them.
Moonlight Box
MidNight Auction
Map: Random

Hide & Seek
Staff member hiddes in a random or given map and player who find him first gets the reward. All clues will be given in Shout.
Reward: Random (MidNight Auction, Change Stat 6/7, Add Stat 6/7, Naga Premium Pass, Moonlight Box, Coin Flowers, Boss Boxes etc.)
Map: Random
Rules: Each player can only win once if there is more than one of Staff member hiding or if there will be more rounds of Event.

Metins Rain
Big number of metins will be placed all over the given map. To get the reward player needs to find them and destroy
...[Read on]

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